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Richard Olsen is the CEO of Olsen & Associates and an authority in high-frequency finance [Dacorogna et al 2001]. OlsenWorld presents key insights in high-frequency research [OlsenWorld]. Glattfelder, Dupuis and Olsen discovered striking power law patterns in the foreign exchange market [Glattfelder et al 2008] . Wing Lon Ng is an expert in high-frequency finance [Ng 2008]. Nick Constantinou has extensive commercial experience (HSBC) in risk management [Giampaoli et al 2009]. Sheri Markose has general interest in computational economics, in particular the Red Queen Principle [Markose et al 2005].

CCFEA has broad interest in the application of computational intelligence techniques in finance and economics [Tsang & Martinez-Jaramillo 2004. Steve Phelps' interest in algorithmic trading [Phelps et al 2009] is shared by other members in the group, including Richard Olsen, Alex Dupuis and Edward Tsang. Maria Fasli, Steve Phelps and Edward Tsang are all interested in modelling trading agents. Games unites research by Simon Lucas (expert in computer games) [Lucas 2009], Edward Tsang (bargaining games) [Jin et al 2009] and Maria fasli (trading games) [Fasli 2007].

Staff in CCFEA look at applications that involve the optimization with multi-objectives [Zhang et al 2009] and the modelling of fuzzy concepts [Hagras]. Main technologies deployed in CCFEA include evolutionary computation, [Zhang & Li 2007], constraint satisfaction [Tsang 1993], and fuzzy logic [Hagras et al 2007].


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